Selfie Sunday: Redefined


There’s been a phenomena in the past couple of years to have specific days correlate to posting on social media: Man Crush Monday, (is there something for Tuesday? Can it be Taco Tuesday?), Woman Crush Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, Flashback Friday (why are there two days dedicated to time travel?)… you get the idea. I have only as of last year been aware of some of these daily posting options and challenges, and they can certainly be amusing (“Oh look at these old photos of our past selves HOW EMBARRASING let’s look at more and remember days of yore!”). And, they can be incorporated into online marketing and businesses on Facebook and Twitter, giving folks a look at how organizations started or past events that sparked change for social movements. 

I, however, cannot seem to muster up enough interest to get involved. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to see things that pop up on my feed that remind me of past events, or seeing other folks reflecting on the person they love in their life. Or, for those who actually participate in Taco Tuesday, showing the world their delicious Mexican dish of the week. Usually giving me some inspiration for my own good eats. Man, I want tacos…

But I digress.


I’ve never had the dedication to participate in the Social Media Days Of The Week, because I don’t need to be bothering my friends with all of that: those who know me, know who I love, have been there with me through all sorts of events and fun, and are probably eating tacos with me on Tuesdays so they don’t need to see my photos to commemorate the event. The constant posting and SMDOTW is probably linked somehow to the Fear Of Missing Out, but that’s a larger discussion than I’m willing to take on at this time. 

Instead I’m going to move on to the day that I like the best, Selfie Sunday: the day of the week where the poster is meant to provide a picture of themselves to the world. I think selfies are great – if you look good and it makes you feel good, and it’s not hurting anyone, then go for it, you magnificent model. 

One could even call selfies a form of self-care. For those unaware, self-care is the act of doing intentional actions that care for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Self-care varies for everyone. Some people need to dance it out; others need to write or journal to get out their feelings; others still prefer to have occasional days of doing nothing but reading and tea. The goal is to do things that make you feel good, allow you to recharge, and encourage positive reflection. 

In that sense, I feel like Selfie Sunday is kind of limited. We typically just see the poster’s face, or on point make up, or their hair and badass hat. We all need time to self-care or recharge, so why not show all the other ways we thank ourselves? Why not take a participatory event and remind each other that everyone deserves love?

I propose redefining Selfie Sunday, to be all-inclusive of your care and relaxation, by starting up Self-Care Sunday. People would be more than welcome to post a photo of their faces, but go a step further by including how you recover from (or set up for) the week. Think of it like the Parks & Rec “Treat Yo Self” on a smaller, potentially more budget-friendly scale. 

My Self-Care Sunday included cooking (and eating) some nutritious food for the week, writing (obviously), watching some TED Talks from TEDx Manhattan, and enjoying my first Ben & Jerry’s of the year. Nothing fancy or exhausting, just some good old fashioned relaxation and reflection. 

For anyone who wants to start off with some lighter self-care tonight, here are some things I’ve stumbled across online today:

How do you do Self-Care Sunday? If it’s not Sunday, how do you give back to yourself? 


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